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NNRC Leadership

Board of Directors

Michael Pace | 303-296-0017 |

Past President
Gayle Anderson | 614-326-0177 |

Jerry Coash, Jr. | 602-258-1440 |

Paula Laws | (954) 581-4010 |
Brenda Peterson | 619-260-1069 |
Scott Nygard | 916-928-8999 |

Executive Director
Debbe Dreher 916.932.2202 |

Growth & Marketing Committee & Social Media:

Chair – Jerry Coash, Jr., Coash and Coash, 602-258-1440,
Ex-Officio – Gayle Anderson, Anderson Reporting, 614-326-0177,
Francey Behmke, Behmke Reporting & Video Services, 415-597-5600,
Mike Bossier, Association Reporters, 504-529-3355,
Chuck Cady, Cady Reporting Services, 216-861-9270,
Michelle Cady Cook, Cady Reporting Services, 261-861-9270,
John Nygard, Carol Nygard & Associates, 916-928-8999,
John Thomas, Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters & Certified legal Video, 402-556-5000,
Kenny Zais, O’Brien & Levine, 617-399-0130,

Membership Committee:

Chair – Scott Nygard, Carol Nygard & Associates, 916-928-8999,
Ex-Officio – Gayle Anderson, Anderson Reporting, 614-326-0177,
Lauren Cady Blessing, Cady Reporting Services, 216-861.9270,
Richard Chambers, Lyon Reporting, 770-458-5500,
Brian Embry, Collins Realtime Reporting, 214-220-2449,
Susan Frye, Susan Frye Court Reporters, 515-284-1977,
Paula Laws, Laws Reporting, 305-359-2700,
Ariel Mumma, Tempest Reporting, 801-521-5227,
Tom Richardson, Stewart Richardson, 317-237-3773,

Technology & Standards Committee:

Chair – Michael Pace, Agren-Blando Court Reporting & Video, 303-296-0017,
Ex-Officio – Gayle Anderson, Anderson Reporting, 614-326-0177,
Paula Behmke, Behmke Reporting & Video Services, 415-597-5600,
Katie Coulter, Coulter Reporting, 502-582-1627,
Kevin Hunt, Jack W. Hunt & Associates, Inc., 800-459-4868,
Karen Klein, Ludwig Klein Court Reporting, 800-540-0681,
David Roberts, A William Roberts Jr. & Assoc., 843-722-8414,



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