Are Remote Depositions Here to Stay?



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Are Remote Depositions the New Normal?

Over the course of the past year and a half, everyone has had to learn how to adapt to the changes brought on by the global pandemic. For the world of law, one of the most major changes has been the integration of remote depositions. What was once viewed as an outlet of work that would lead to more problems than positives, remote depositions have proven to be a great option for those who can’t make it to the office for whatever reason.

With the success firms across the world have seen with remote depositions, a big question arises: are remote depositions here to stay?

Remote depositions have given attorneys and their witnesses more freedom than ever. They allow for the opposing counsel and witnesses to schedule a time together that works best for all parties involved without having to worry about also scheduling a meeting space. Though there were some initial hiccups, as time as gone by remote depositions have grown to be seen as an easy-to-use alternative. As long as everyone has a secure internet connection the meeting can go on without a hitch.

While the regular online meetings have lead to something that many refer to as “Zoom fatigue,” as workers return to their physical offices to host in-person meetings and depositions, remote depositions will be a great, supplemental addition. On the occasion that teams are separated across the state, or even the country, remote depositions allow team members to come together without wasting precious time and money on travel. 

It is clear remote depositions are a strong, positive asset, but are remote depositions where the world of remote law ends? A few courts across the nation have attempted fully-remote, full-jury trials. This is far more involved than a remote deposition, as it as even more layers to a process that seems complex. With juror attendance and court rules to take into consideration, it seems the jury is out on the future of remote trials. 

Remote depositions, however, are most definitely here to stay. During the global pandemic, they have kept attorneys, witnesses, and court reporters alike safe. As the world heals, remote depositions will continue to be a great option for those who can’t be at a physical deposition for whatever reason.

If you are looking to schedule a remote deposition anywhere in the world, we can help. Our worldwide database of court reporters can help ensure your remote deposition runs as smoothly as possible. Our superior technology ensures your deposition will take place over a secure server where crisp audio and visuals can be guaranteed. Contact us to learn more about the service.

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