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Trial Presentation

The information age has created more media-savvy jurors. They are highly receptive to immersive courtroom presentations that help them understand the specifics of your argument.

In the courtroom, when it matters most, there is little margin for error when it comes to trial presentation. Through the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) and our member firms, lawyers can connect with experienced trial consultants who can help orchestrate your trial presentation in a way that connects with jurors and maximizes the impact of your work.

The Most Innovative Trial Presentation Tools

Our strategic partnership with inData® Corporation has positioned us to be the source for TrialDirector®, the most popular trial presentation software in the industry today.

Our teams of experienced trail consultants and technicians enable lawyers to concentrate on preparing their cases and gearing up for each new day in front of the jury and the judge. Courtroom multimedia presentations can help lawyers reach jurors in ways that they carry as they deliberate the outcome of your case.

In the courtroom, experienced consultants anticipate problems because they are intimately familiar with your cases. That means even when the presenter misses a beat, the trial technician can lead the presenter back to the structure of the presentation.

Litigation Support from NNRC

Litigation support from NNRC member firms is not just confined to the courtroom: we are there from case preparation, through trial work or litigation, and beyond. We are ready to help lawyers take advantage of their talents while we handle the technical aspects of delivering your case.

Michael PaceAgren-Blando Court Reporting & Video Inc.
InData was instrumental in providing course materials, assisting in us getting the Colorado Bar approval and expertly presenting the class.”

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