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Adjusting to working from home can be difficult for many people. For legal professionals, it can be hard to figure out how to continue the flow of legal discourse without meeting in a physical location with an entire legal team in order to go over evidence, testimonies, or other case details. Emails, texts, and phone calls sometimes just don’t cut it.

But the NNRC has a fix for these frustrations. Our remote deposition services allow attorneys to proceed with their cases from the comfort and safety of their home. Through remote depositions, clients can expect the same, high-quality support of NNRC certified court reporting professionals, as well as the best technology in the industry for crystal clear audio and visuals.

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Our videoconferencing services are great for depositions, certainly, but also for expert consultations, witness preparation, settlement conferences, co-counsel/partner/client meetings, and even job interviews. These calls take place over a secure server, so clients are confident that their information is safe.

Even from the comfort of their home, clients can expect the same level of support, attention to detail, and accurate transcripts from the court reporters with the NNRC. Learn more about our remote deposition and videoconferencing services by contacting us today.