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You can schedule videography services in Phoenix with NNRC. When you require court reporting, video depositions, video conferencing, conference rooms, or any other deposition-related service in the Phoenix area, contact NNRC for all your requirements.The NNRC partner, Coash & Coash, can handle all your needs for court reporters and related litigation support in Phoenix, Arizona.

Attorneys from Phoenix, Arizona have relied on the staff at Coash & Coash for nearly 40 years for any and all of their legal needs. Whether a client requires realtime reporting, e-transcript, or any other service, the staff offers the best technology. These litigation professionals always maintain the highest level of professionalism on every single job.



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Legal video adds a level of professionalism that can take any case to the next level. Coash & Coash‘s legal video specialists utilize the best technology in the business to create the crisp audio and visuals clients need from a legal video service. No matter what a client requires a legal video service for, Coash’s talented and knowledgeable staff can deliver.

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Announcing Our New Website!

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