The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce our page of frequently asked questions about legal video. As the world of law changes, legal video has become more and more important. Some legal professionals, however, are still uncertain about what a legal video service may entail. By reading this page, attorneys can have some of the top questions about legal video answered, including…

  • Why videotape a deposition and how is it used?
  • Are deposition videographers certified professionals?
  • Can a video of a deposition be used in place of live testimony?
  • How should a witness prepare for a video deposition?
  • What is deposition synchronizing?

In just a few minutes, attorneys and other legal professionals can read about legal video and leave with a better understanding of the field. When booking a legal video service with the NNRC, you can expect the latest technology at your disposal. The video will be crystal clear, and the audio will be crisp, resulting in a great resource for you to use for retrieval.

For more information on legal video, or our services, contact us today.