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For the most effective and professional video deposition and legal services, rely on a Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) from the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) located throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. Our staff are detail-oriented and reliable. Our high quality equipment is guaranteed to provide crisp and clear results every time. Below is what you can expect with when working with one of the NNRC’s legal video specialists.

What to Expect From Our Video Services

Legal Videography

  • To capture legal video that can be used to support your case, you need a professional who will set the stage prior to the arrival of participants.
  • With the high cost of expert witnesses, it is essential to work with a reliable professional who follows standard protocol and guarantees a high-quality product.
  • Rely on NNRC videographers who have shot thousands of hours of depositions, examinations under oath, day-in-the-life vignettes and witness examinations.

On-Time Delivery

  • You will get your video when you expect from NNRC’s national team of legal certified videographers.
  • Based on your needs, expedited, same day, or next-day delivery are available.


  • To allow ample set-up time and troubleshooting, NNRC legal videographers arrive early to assess the lighting conditions, seating arrangements, and other room constraints that may affect the quality of the video.
  • Every detail assures that the end-product contributes to your case. Equipment is set-up neatly, microphone wires are taped under the table and neutral backdrops are used to enhance the image.
  • You will be pleased with the final quality of visuals and sound as a result of constantly monitoring audio levels and framing of the deponent and/or exhibits throughout the proceeding.

Supported Formats

  • Standard delivery is an MPEG file on CD or DVD is provided.
  • VHS format is available, if required.
  • Synchronized text and video can also be provided.

Legal Video Protocol

  • Your video playbacks will be clear, audible, and professional, because NNRC’s videographers have been specially trained and adhere to Certified Legal Video Specialist guidelines and principles that result in the best quality possible.
  • The DVD that you play in court will have sharp images on monitors that clearly show exhibits and witnesses.
  • The use of broadcast-quality lapel microphones delivers sound that is easily heard in the courtroom.
  • The high quality output complies with the specific video formats used by the legal industry.

Schedule your legal video services with NNRC online, or call us toll-free at 866.337.6672 to book a videographer with NNRC’s Nationwide Scheduling Office. For more information about NCRA certifications, visit the NCRA website.

“Rockwood & Noziska uses Peterson Reporting in San Diego for our extensive court reporting needs, including videotaped depositions and trial presentations. When we needed to take video depositions in Sacramento, Peterson Reporting arranged for us to have Carol Nygard & Associates report and video record the depositions. Carol subsequently provided other deposition coverage for us, again through the assistance of Peterson Reporting. When we work directly with Peterson Reporting and they set us up with outside firms through the NNRC for out of town depositions, we know the quality will be there as well as a friendly environment. Their reliability means that there is one less concern when on the road.”
C. Brant Noziska

Partner, Rockwood & Noziska, LLP

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