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You can schedule a legal video service in Houston with NNRC. When you require court reporting, video depositions, video conferencing, conference rooms, or any other deposition-related service in the Houston area, contact NNRC for all your requirements. The Houston NNRC partner, Hanna & Hanna, can handle all your needs for legal video and related litigation support needs in Houston, Texas.

The legal video specialists at Hanna & Hanna know what it takes to create a successful legal video service. By utilizing the best technology in the business, the staff at this Houston court reporting firm can give their clients exactly what they need. At Hanna & Hanna, no case is too big or small.



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Hanna & Hanna’s videographers are Certified Legal Video Specialists through the NCRA, giving attorneys the satisfaction of knowing their case is in the hands of top professionals. Their production staff is certified in Trial Director and are certified Livenote Multimedia Specialists. Clients receive videotaped depositions exactly when they need them with the transcript already synced to the video.

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