Green Transcripts and Paperless Transcripts via PDF

green-transcriptsReducing the use of paper benefits the environment, and there are ways to take advantage of new technology to reduce paper and help lawyers add immediacy to their work.

Paperless Transcripts

Green and paperless transcripts can be used to quickly transfer information from the court reporter to the attorney. Using a PDF, lawyers can take advantage of all of the tools offered through this format, and also do a small part in protecting the environment.

The National Network of Reporting Companies is committed to proving lawyers with all of the tools they need to work on today’s cases. Electronic transcripts are just one of a wide range of services that are provided by this network of court reporters working across the country to help lawyers better serve their clients.

Top Court Reporting Firms

NNRC offers lawyers a way to expand their reach and work with reliable, experience court reporting firms from coast to coast, drawing on their specialized talents and their ability to create innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s legal work.