Expedited Transcripts

expedited-transcriptsTime is an important asset for today’s legal professionals. Making the most of it can be crucial to success.

The National Network of Reporting Companies can offer expedited transcripts of proceedings so that the information can quickly be integrated into casework. Having quick access to transcripts can help lawyers enjoy more flexibility as the circumstances of their work changes.

Through our network of experienced court reporting firms across the country, lawyers can always work with court reporters who offer expedited transcripts. Additionally, NNRC member firms can also offer realtime reporting, which can stream a rough transcript of proceedings to you as they unfold.

NNRC can help you with the services you need to take advantage of your most important asset: time. Let us introduce you to experienced court reporting companies who are equally committed to helping you serve your clients more effectively with a combination of new technology and innovative solutions to the challenges of your work.