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Court Reporting Firms Handle Complex Sports and Entertainment Law Litigation Support

Sports and Entertainment law is also known as Media law, which encompasses advertising, broadcasting, censorship, confidentiality, contempt, copyright, corporate law, defamation, entertainment, freedom of information, the internet, information technology, privacy, and telecommunications.

Lawyers who practice entertainment law can be divided into two specific practices: transactional and litigation. Entertainment lawyers who practice transactional law are the ones who structure transactions and negotiate on behalf of their client to ensure that their needs and wants are met by the third party involved. It is when a breach of contract or the law takes place that an entertainment law litigation specialist will be called in. Because entertainment law covers a significant amount of ground, entertainment lawyers who specialize in litigation must be proficient in multiple fields of law including but not limited to employment law, contract law, torts, labor law, bankruptcy law, immigration law, securities law, criminal law, tax law, international law, and insurance law.

Types of Entertainment Law

📽 Film

Option agreements, finance, chain of title issues, talent agreements, production and post-production, trade union issues, distribution issues, motion picture distribution negotiations, and general intellectual property issues relating to copyright and trademarks.


Talent agreements, producer agreements, synchronization rights, music industry negotiation and general intellectual property issues such as copyright.

💻 Multimedia

Software licensing issues, video game development and production, information technology law, and general intellectual property issues.

📖 Publishing

Print media issues including advertising, models, author agreements and general intellectual property issues such as copyright.

📺 Television/Radio

Broadcast licensing and regulatory issues, mechanical licenses, and general intellectual property issues.

🎭 Theatre

Rental agreements and co-production agreements, as well as other performance oriented legal issues.

🎨 Visual Arts and Design

Issues of the consignment of artworks to art dealers, moral rights of sculptors regarding works in public places, industrial design, ad issues related to the protection of graphic design elements in products.

Win With Experienced Court Reporters

When a dispute in the entertainment industry comes to the point when court proceedings become a necessity, having an experienced court reporting team on your side is a boon. A court reporting firm’s organizing and indexing services are a necessity when a case can span so many types of law, and often times the guarantee of ownership under a contractual setting will be disputed on the basis on intent. All of the court reporting agencies in the NNRC understand the urgent need to process theoretical and legal details as important facts to bolster your client’s claim. Should your client find themselves in a contractual dispute, ensure that you’ve got experienced entertainment law court reporters on your side.


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