Email Delivery and Web-Based Transcript Repositories

email-and-online-repositoriesMoving information electronically has become an everyday tool for people in almost every profession. The National Network of Reporting Companies offers a number of services that can add immediacy to legal work.

Email Transcripts

Our members offer email delivery of transcripts so that we can eliminate the time for the production and delivery of a physical copy. Of course, physical transcripts are available, but many lawyers benefit from the quicker email delivery option.

Online Repositories

NNRC also offers web-based repositories for transcripts and other case materials. Portability is crucial in legal work, and diverse forms of information can be stored and accessed securely online. Transcripts, graphics, video and audio files, and other materials can all be stored behind a password-protected portal.

NNRC is committed to providing all of the tools lawyers need in their work. The electronic delivery and storage of information has become essential through each phase of casework, and our members can offer this service and many other to today’s successful lawyers.

Contact us today and find out how we can enhance your work.