Daily Copy and Same Day Rough Drafts

daily-copyTime is of the essence in the legal field. Members of the National Network of Reporting Companies offer several tools and services that attorneys need to make the most of every minute. Daily copy and same day rough drafts can give lawyers quick access to transcripts, enabling them to assimilate this material into their casework.

Experienced Court Reporters

NNRC is committed to providing a wide range of services that can help lawyers better take advantage of their times and talents. Our members are chosen for their experience and their commitment to evolving to meet the emerging challenges facing today’s legal professionals.

By offering lawyers a service that gives them access to daily copy and rough drafts, they can be more nimble, able to meet the changing circumstances of their work.

Top Court Reporting Companies

Across the country and in many locations around the world, NNRC can provide lawyers with the support they need for a wide range of legal work. From tools for case preparation to support for courtroom proceedings, we can work with you to provide the services you need to better serve your clients.