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The Official NNRC Court Reporting Firm Partners in the State of California

Abrams, Mah, & Kahn (Santa Ana, California)

When it comes to some of the largest cases in southern California, Abrams, Mah & Kahn (AMK) have handled them. Their court reporting professionals look at each case with a fine microscope, making sure no detail goes unnoticed no matter how far in the process they are. AMK builds winning cases with their clients by maintaining this high standard of service in Santa Ana.

There is a median of 25 years of experience within the AMK team. This guarantees that, no matter which staff member attorneys work with, they are working with a professional who knows what they are doing. And thanks to their cutting-edge technology, transcripts are delivered precisely when attorneys need them in the format of said attorney’s choice. Enjoy the cleanest, most accurate transcripts in Santa Ana with AMK.

Behmke Reporting (San Francisco, California)

Behmke Reporting and Video Services was founded in 1989 with the purpose of providing attorneys the latest and greatest in litigation support technology. When San Francisco attorneys come to Behmke, they will always find state-of-the-art court reporting, realtime, and legal video technologies. This allows the staff to work efficiently no matter which service a client requires.

Commitment to their work is what propels these San Francisco court reporters forward. The staff is always working to better themselves so they can serve their clients with better efficacy. Past office hours, they continue to serve the Bay Area with a 24/7 paging system, because they know mistakes happen and emergencies arise. No matter which service a client books, clients can always expect Behmke to adhere to their key factors of business: professionalism, reliability, accuracy, knowledge, and experience.

Carol Nygard & Associates (Sacramento, California)

After 21 years of service, Carol Nygard & Associates knows how to support the legal professionals in their area. They don’t have any clients contracts that make them exclusive to any company or firm, meaning that they are open to work with any firm that needs the support. No matter how large or small the case, these Sacramento court reporters give each case the intense attention to details that they require to be successful.

The firm proudly offers all-inclusive depositions. When a client hosts a deposition at the Carol Nygard & Associate offices, they can always expect secure WiFi, high-quality video conferencing, access to a variety of tech, a 10-business-day turnaround, and so much more. As a full-service litigation support firm, clients can book any service they require on top of deposition reporting. From legal video, to interpreting, to real-time reporting, Carol Nygard & Associations has it all.

Peterson Reporting (San Diego, California)

When attorneys in the San Diego area require a court reporting firm that provides superior industry technology, there is only one place to turn: Peterson Reporting, Video & Litigation. The firm is highly regarded for delivering on the technology clients need in court reporting, videography, trial presentation, and more. This allows attorneys to work more efficiently and not have to wonder about their technology breaking down on them at the last minute.

Peterson Reporting offers far more than the technology clients desire– they also offer the services clients need. Their San Diego court reporters are the fasted, most accurate in the business. Their legal video professionals are detail-oriented, making sure nothing goes unaccounted for. Whatever a client needs, Peterson Reporting does what they can to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and provide clients a competitive edge in their casework.

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