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Decades ago, litigation support often fell short of attorney expectations. To meet the needs of attorneys with out-of-state or international litigation cases who require highly qualified court reporting firms, five of the leading firms in the court reporting industry formed the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) in 1983.

Now, dozens of the most customer-oriented, technologically advanced court reporting firms in the United States, Canada, and Europe belong to this network of prestigious independent court reporting partners. Whether an attorney is practicing in Seattle, Houston, or London, they can be confident they have the assistance of the fastest, most accurate litigation support professionals in the business. 

Not just any firm can become an NNRC partner. Each firm must be recommended and go through an in-depth vetting process to assure:

Summit’s rapid response to my firm’s nationwide needs/scheduling allows me to concentrate on my client. Summit has always delivered superb services regardless of the geographical location. They have a wonderful partnership nationwide.
James A. Francis

Esq., Francis & Mailman

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