Realtime Reporting

Immediacy is a necessity in the legal field. Lawyers need the information gleaned from depositions, hearings, and trial testimony as they unfold, making connectivity an invaluable part of today’s court reporting services.

Through the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), legal professionals can work with firms across the country that provide realtime reporting technology providing the immediacy necessary for their litigations.


Applying Realtime Reporting to Your Work

During a deposition, a working, rough, realtime transcript of proceedings gives lawyers unprecedented power over the information they utilize and manage in their cases. They can mark up the realtime transcripts, highlight important words and phrases, search for keywords in testimony, and tag segments of testimony, to ensure that they can quickly find the information they need when it counts.

Realtime technology does not only extend across the courtroom, it can extend across the country or around the world through the internet. It enables attorneys to work more effectively in a remote setting while conducting depositions, or it can be used to give lawyers access to proceedings anywhere with an internet connection. This gives the lawyer more flexibility in their work schedules, and helps to save their most precious commodity: time.


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