Name: Ellen Grauer
Title: Founder / CEO
Company: Ellen Grauer Court Reporting Co. LLC
NNRC Territory that your company serves: New York City and the surrounding areas.

How long has your firm been in business?

Twenty years as of February 1, 2017.

What do you like to tell prospective clients about what your firm does best?

EGCR covers multi-party, multi-district, high profile matters worldwide while maintaining high-touch, personal service and attention on every case.

What is an example of how you’ve collaborated with an NNRC partner to help out a client?

In 2013, EGCR was awarded the Nortel Communications matter with over 150 depositions taking place mostly in London. Our NNRC partner, European Deposition Services, with whom we have collaborated for 20 years, successfully worked with my production team to cover the depositions flawlessly. We covered depositions, often three per day, while providing remote realtime text and video feed to our clients back in the United States. Despite the time difference, transcripts were completed and delivered to our clients on a daily basis. This case exemplified superb, seamless teamwork and partnership on a global scale.

What do you like best about your job?

Interacting and supporting the most brilliant attorneys in the United States and abroad.

What is a recent milestone for you or your family?

Five months ago, my daughter Jenn joined Ellen Grauer Court Reporting as Director of New Business. After an eight-year career at HBO, she has been a valuable asset to the company, creating media content, developing the younger clientele and continuing the legacy I started 20 years ago.

What would really surprise people about you?

I graduated Boston University six months early to marry my husband who was from Venezuela. We moved to Caracas and lived there for six years where my daughter Jenn was born. I worked in the University Simon Bolivar developing continuing education courses for corporations by bringing professors from the United States to Caracas. I also developed the first University level Translation/Interpretation course in Caracas as well as the first English as a Second Language course.


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