Name: Bill Roberts

Title: CEO

Company: AWR & Associates/AWR Trial Solutions

NNRC Territory: South Carolina

How long in business? 37 Years

What do we do best? Comprehensive litigation support from discovery to verdict with an emphasis on complex litigation.

What is an example of how you have partnered with NNRC to help out a client: AWR was coordinating a case nationally that had complex technical requirements: Video, streaming of video and realtime text to six to ten locations, same day rough drafts, and clients who demanded upscale conference room facilities. We were able to network this case to our NNRC affiliates with confidence that our clients’ needs would be met and their expectations exceeded.

What I like best about my job? My true love has always been court reporting, but for the last decade I have been fully dedicated to management. What I like best about running a small business is the ability to affect rapid change. I am truly blessed to work daily with Karen and Dave. Although the question wasn’t asked, what I like least about management is human resources challenges.

How do our services make a difference for our clients? High quality, reliable service and quick turnaround time provides peace of mind, allowing our clients to focus their energies where they work best – litigating cases – resulting in superior positioning and winning cases. Our clients know that AWR is a resource from the moment they file their case until their case is fully adjudicated.

What kind of work did you do in your first job? My first job was working at a boat yard in Sag Harbor, NY during the summers while in high school. I registered to go to court reporting college after high school but decided against it because I thought it was “too feminine.” I moved to South Florida and worked as a factory trained outboard motor mechanic and a full-time firefighter. It was then that I re-evaluated court reporting as a career path and worked for three years to save for tuition.

Who has influenced you the most and how have they impacted your life? I am a global thinker and am constantly evaluating the present with the potential end result. While I consider this a good quality, the fine details to effectuate execution often times present a challenge for me.

The person who has had the most influence and impact in my life is my wife Karen. She is a stickler for details and makes things happen. She has been with me every step of the way; and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She is most precious to me.