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San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area is made up of legal professionals who expect the best technology and fastest service immediately. Before 1989, there wasn’t a firm that could exactly deliver on those needs. Now, there is Behmke Reporting and Video Services.

Behmke Reporting is one of the most technologically advanced litigation support firms in the area. They offer superior realtime transcription, video conferencing, audio streaming, video streaming, and broadcast-caliber video production. Attorneys can count on being properly seen and heard with the crispest, clearest quality possible. In an age when we are so reliant on video calls and remote participation,  this has never been more important. 

Their San Francisco court reporters are among the fastest, most accurate court reporters in the business. They work with their clients to ensure they have everything they need to produce the right service the first time. They saves everyone involved precious time, so they can get to moving with the course of law more efficiently.  

Experienced ​Bay Area Professionals

As a full-service litigation support firm, attorneys can have any and all of their legal needs fulfilled by the staff at Behmke Reporting. Need a court reporter who can write over 200 words a minute? No problem. A detail-oriented legal videographer? Behmke has them in-house. How about a whole mix of services– court reporting, legal videography, trial presentation, more? Clients are covered with Behmke Reporting.

The staff guarantees each of their services and professionals will follow the Behmke way. That means: 

  • Perfection – Behmke will perform every task flawlessly.
  • Professionalism – Behmke is prompt, accurate, and courteous.
  • Reliability – Behmke is consistant throughout services.
  • Accuracy – Behmke produces mistake-free work.
  • Knowledge – Behmke specializes in a wide variety of services and areas of practice.
  • Experience – Behmke’s staff have years of experience under their belts.
  • Realtime – Behmke offers superior realtime transcription as needed. 

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