For legal professionals in most states, driving from one end of the state to the other for legal proceedings is a daunting, but manageable task. It will make for a long day, but ultimately, when the day is done, they can make the long trek home and sleep in the comfort of their own bed.

This isn’t the case for Texas legal professionals. To drive across the whole of the Lone Star State, it can easily take 14 hours. If an attorney works in Houston but has a deposition in El Paso, that is an 11 hour drive. It isn’t easy to just hop from one city to the other. Getting to that deposition requires hours upon hours of travel, as well as a good chunk of money spent.

Hanna & Hanna Reporting found the solution to these attorneys problems. These Houston court reporters offer realtime internet streaming as one of their many services. With Hanna & Hanna, attorneys can communicate with the rest of their legal team through high-quality videoconferencing from the comfort of their hometown. The attorney’s audio and video is always crystal clear on both ends. To more completely connect with the legal team, Hanna Reporting also offers secure instant messaging.

No longer do attorneys have to make arduous journeys across the state (or the country, for that matter) to be a part of legal proceedings. At Hanna & Hanna, clients can connect with their legal teams easily.