Real Time Streaming

Real Time StreamingConnectivity can play an important role in legal work. It can help the lawyer maximize their time and in many cases mitigate travel demands. The National Network of Reporting Companies offers access to a vast network of court reporting companies that can offer a wide range of streaming services.

Realtime reporting and videoconferencing or video streaming can be useful when used separately. They can also be combined to become a powerful tool for attorneys working remotely on a wide range of cases.

Video and text streaming can offer immediacy. Realtime reporting enables lawyers to have instantaneous access to working transcripts that can quickly be applied to their casework. Combined with video, the attorney can have an experience that is only second to being in the room. Remote depositions with video allow the lawyer to evaluate the truthfulness of the deponent and get the most out of their time.

NNRC is committed to providing all of the new technology that today’s legal professionals need as they take on today’s challenging legal work. Streaming takes advantage of the connectivity that has shaped our world to provide the immediacy that lawyers need.