In 1983, five quality court reporting firms decided they were tired of watching attorneys and paralegals jump from firm to firm in search of the best litigation service that could fulfill each and every one of their needs. Local attorneys have their favorites, but for those who travel, it is difficult to be certain if a new court reporting firm could actually deliver on their advertised promises.

The NNRC’s goal is to eliminate that doubt. Each and every court reporting firm that is a registered member with the NNRC must undergo a strict vetting process to ensure they meet the NNRC’s high standards of timeliness, accuracy, effectiveness, customer service, and overall quality. If a court reporting firm does not meet these guidelines, they are not accepted as a member. Now with over 55 NNRC-verified court reporting firms across the world, attorneys can travel just about anywhere and find a service that is right for them.

“It is a really valuable experience to have each and every one of your concerns be taken care of,” Brandon Bell, O’Fallon, Illinois legal expert says. “From London to Texas, there is a court reporting firm with the NNRC that can do just that for their busy clients. As long as you book with the NNRC, you never have to worry about quality again.”

Finding a firm is easy. All you have to do is select “Find a Firm” from the website’s header, then select your search from location, firm name, or even specific reporters. In just a few clicks, attorneys or paralegals can find and schedule a service that will fulfill each and every one of their needs with the utmost competence.

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