Name: John & Gretchen Thomas

Title: Owners

Company: Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters and Certified Legal Video, LLC

NNRC Territory that your company serves: Nebraska

How long has your firm been in business? 1977 (40 years)

What do you like to tell prospective clients about what your firm does best?

We provide quality service with access to the most cutting-edge court reporting and litigation support technologies.

What is an example of how you’ve collaborated with an NNRC partner to help out a client?

Recently, we received a phone call over the weekend where a law firm needed to arrange for the in-court testimony of an expert witness that Monday, but didn’t know what to do. They also noted that opposing counsel had just conducted the remote testimony of one of their experts and it didn’t go so well. We asked them for the location of the witness, which happened to be in the area of an NNRC partner. With a couple of quick phone calls and emails, everything was setup and the in-court testimony went seamlessly.

What do you like best about your job?

We enjoy helping our clients when they are most in need. Being able to solve an impossible problem or go the extra mile is what our job is all about.

How do your services make a difference for your clients or the legal system?

We often find that attorneys and law firms are being underserviced and they don’t even know it. Once we are able to inform them of the various services we offer and explain how those services can benefit them and their clients, their whole attitude changes towards court reporting offices. They cannot believe there is so much more to a court reporting office than just court reporting.

When you aren’t working, how would you describe the perfect day for you?

John: Waking up without an alarm, having a cup of coffee in bed with my wife with the curtains and windows open listening to the birds, reading our local newspaper in bed, making a light breakfast, going to the gym, having lunch out, having an early dinner with wine in The Old Market with my wife, going to our rooftop deck and watch the sun go down with a glass of scotch.

What is a recent milestone for you or your family?

John: August 6, 2017, is our 40th wedding anniversary. Wow. We met as court reporting students in 1974 at Northern Technical School of Business in Minneapolis. We have been together in the business of court reporting and marriage. We have 3 adult sons. I am a lucky man.


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