Name:  Yvette Smith Samuel

Title:  President

Company: Summit Court Reporting

NNRC Territory that your company serves: Philadelphia/Southeastern Pennsylvania/Harrisburg, and entire tri-state area

How long has your firm been in business? 24 years

What do you like to tell prospective clients about what your firm does best?

Summit Court Reporting considers themselves an extension of their firm and represents their clients in the most professional manner. We give them the confidence in knowing that when Summit is on their case, they can sit back and focus on their job. We are present, whether it be in our local territory or placing them in the hands of one of our global NNRC partners and get the job done.

What is an example of how you’ve collaborated with an NNRC partner to help out a client?

There is not a day that goes by where we’re not interacting with one or more of our NNRC partners, whether it’s compiling a nationwide bid or location scouting for remote depositions or just keeping abreast of what’s going on in our respective territories.

What do you like best about your job?

I like knowing that I’m in charge, which equates to a Job Well Done!

How do your services make a difference for your clients or the legal system?

By having a timely and efficient office, our clients and the legal system are able to make their deadlines.

Who has most influenced you and how has he or she impacted your life?

There are many people in my family who have impacted my life greatly, and they continue to do so. I have wonderful family, friends and colleagues around me and I consider myself blessed by that.   But one person who stands out in my life is my mother, Vera Polidoro Smith.

Mom is a living example of a woman who has conquered her goals and dreams, having raised three successful daughters, managed a family – and if you only knew Harry (my dad), she should be canonized! After her first career of “mother of three and homemaker,” she continued on and received her degree in nursing at age 40, where she once again shines in her ability to care for others and continues to be promoted and recognized for her devotion to her work and patients.

When you aren’t working, how would you describe the perfect day for you?

The perfect day for me would be spending the day being pampered beachside.


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