Name: Aimee and Eric Goldberg

Title: Partners / Owners

Company: Benchmark Reporting Agency

NNRC Territory that your company serves: Minnesota

How long has your firm been in business?

We have been in business since 1967. It’s our 50th Anniversary this year!

What do you like to tell prospective clients about what your firm does best?

Benchmark’s number one goal is to exceed our client’s expectations. We offer technology and personalized service to enhance their law practice. Our experienced staff, reporters, and videographers help our clients win cases!

What is an example of how you’ve collaborated with an NNRC partner to help out a client?

We collaborate with our NNRC partners on a daily basis. We trust in our partner’s ability and professionalism to help us with cases that travel across the globe. We also take advantage of the many experienced owners in our group when we need advice or a sounding board for new ideas.

What do you like best about your job?

Meeting new people and the challenge of delivering new and enhanced services to our clients.

How do your services make a difference for your clients or the legal system?

Benchmark brings knowledge to our industry and strives to make our clients daily practice easier.

Where do you volunteer or how do you give back to the community?

Benchmark is grateful for our success. The success of our business is due to our clients. We give back to the community to show our appreciation. We sponsor the Walk MS event with the National MS Society and have raised over $ 130,000.00 to date. We also help our local community by adopting a family each year during the holidays. Providing gifts and smiles to families in transition housing.

What is the most inspiring thing that ever happened to you?

Life. We get to wake up each day to new opportunities and fresh ideas.


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