Name: Susan Frye

Title: President

Company: Susan Frye Court Reporting

NNRC Territory: Iowa

How long in business?: 23 Years

What do you tell your prospective clients about what your firm does best? We have current technology, top-notch certified reporters, competitive rates and we establish strong relationships with our clients.

What is an example of how you have partnered with NNRC to help out a client: We have had many referral opportunities with NNRC and this has proven to be a very valuable partnership for our firm.

What I like best about my job? The many long-term relationships that I’ve established over the years have meant a great deal to me both personally and professionally. They make working a pleasure and create a strong sense of community for us.

How do your services make a difference for your clients or the legal system? Our clients know that they can count on us to provide punctual and accurate transcripts at reasonable rates. The trust and quality of work we are famous for makes a big difference to our clients, who come from across Iowa and the nation.