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O'Brien & Levine
Boston & Springfield, Massachusetts
Serving the state of Massachusetts

O'Brien & Levine Court Reporting, Boston, Massachusetts - Court reporting services in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

When your firm schedules depositions, hearings or arbitrations in a major case, the legal team wants assurance that nothing is overlooked. O’Brien & Levine Court Reporting is flexible, technology-savvy and always reachable. Our friendly, professional staff will get you situated in our centrally located, comfortable, complimentary deposition suites.

Attorneys, paralegals, assistants, administrators and IT staff can count on peace-of-mind and consistency. O’Brien & Levine will coordinate all the details—from scheduling court reporters and confirmation to set-up for taking testimony through realtime, video, videoconferencing and Internet streaming. We’re up on the latest technology. Keep track of your cases with O&L Mobile—a free app for smartphone or iPad. Login to check the calendar, find directions to the deposition and access transcripts from your mobile device.

O’Brien & Levine is green-minded, offering electronic transcripts with searchable word index in the format of your choice, scanned and linked exhibits and online scheduling of court reporting services. We are the only green certified court reporting agency in New England.

Click here to schedule court reporting services in Boston, Massachusetts, or surrounding states with O’Brien & Levine.