Litigation costs can easily spin out of control. Fortunately, high tech tools are becoming a go-to solution for taming litigation spend. Recent news shows lawyers extolling the virtues of video tools that are easy to use, cost efficient and results driven.

This fall, two leading lawyer organizations released special reports covering practice trends related to streamlining technologies for litigation matters. The Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys (MATA) and the Women’s Bar Association (WBA) are both well-regarded organizations that support the state’s attorneys as they develop their practices.

MATA released “Practice Trends: Tools to Cut Costs, Save Time and Boost Presentations” in November 2018. In this special report, some of MATA’s leading trial advocates shared their views on modern court reporting tools. In the report, they laud the use of video testimony, video-syncing technology and digital repository services for scheduling. Leading lawyers explain the benefits that video technologies bring to their practices. Not surprisingly, reducing litigation spend while providing better service to support strong client relationships is a leading theme. The report shows how attorneys across the state are experiencing first-hand the benefits to using high-tech tools to support client successes.

The WBA’s constituents echo a similar sentiment in that organization’s fall report, “Trial Practice Trends: Tools to Cut Costs, Save Time and Get Results.” The lawyers involved in this study explain how contemporary court reporting services facilitate time savings and cost reductions that lawyers and their clients desire, while providing a demonstrated facility with technology that clients expect. The overall inclination is that going digital is the right thing to do for many reasons, hitting all the highlights of fast, affordable and easy.

In a recent blog post, “Lawyers Embrace High-Tech Tools to Decrease Litigation Spend”, O’Brien & Levine also outlines the ways technology is changing the legal industry. The leaders at O’Brien & Levine see first-hand how lawyers are gaining traction through technology. By using video conferencing, video depositions, video synchronization and digital exhibits, lawyers gain an edge on their case management, controlling costs associated with their services. O’Brien & Levine helps attorneys successfully embrace the technologies with confidence.