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Education Law consists of the legal bodies, policies, laws, and rules that govern the operation of educational systems from pre-school to higher education. Historically, education law was practiced in order to provide education reform. Attorneys that practices education law worked to expand the access to both primary and higher education for all children and young adults. But in recent times, attorneys that practice educational law will now often find themselves dealing with issues pertaining to students’ rights, teachers’ rights, school safety, discrimination, conduct and discipline, special education, curriculum, and education options such as homeschooling and charter schools.

Thanks to the new issues introduced, attorneys practicing educational law will often have to deal with additional legal fields such as public finance, labor and employment, special education, taxation, real estate, litigation, intellectual property, and environmental and regulatory law.


Areas of Coverage

  • Board Organization and Operations
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Construction
  • Federal and State Employment Laws
  • Financing
  • Intellectual Property Ownership and Licensing
  • Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
  • Acquisition and Disposition of Property
  • Special Education Law
  • Student Discipline
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Territory Transfers

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